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System requirements


This project would not be possible without some other tools. CudaCoder works as a GUI for NVEnc, created by rigaya, and MediaInfo.

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A video encoder is a software or hardware application that compresses and converts digital video data into a format that is more suited for storage or transmission while retaining video quality.

Your video deserves the best encoding for the platform you'll be using it on, and that's where CudaCoder comes in!

The CudaCoder video encoder was created using cutting-edge technologies, such as NVIDIA CUDA, a parallel computing platform and programming model that allows GPUs to be used to increase performance. This technique enables CudaCoder to process videos at breakneck speeds, reducing encoding times by up to 10 times compared to traditional methods.

CudaCoder supports both h264 and HEVC and lets you adjust the output resolution, playback quality, frame rate, bit depth, and other settings. In all, it allows users to encode their videos in any format they desire. It is also compatible with AAC, AC3, and MP3 audio encoders.

Not only that, CudaCoder supports batch conversions, allowing it to process many files at once. You can choose between MKV and MP4 as the output format. A few additional factors are modifiable if you take the time to look at the defaults.

CudaCoder was designed to be easy to use, with a user-centric interface that made it accessible to both professional video editors and casual users. Its ability to produce high-quality, visually stunning videos with minimal waiting time made it an indispensable tool for anyone involved in video production.


Version 1.23 - January 22, 2023
Version 1.22 - January 18, 2023
Version 1.21 - April 25, 2022
Version 1.2 - February 16, 2022
Version 1.1.1 - February 06, 2022
Version 1.1.0 - February 02, 2022
Version 1.0 - January 25, 2022

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